Dec. 23rd, 2015 03:06 pm
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Well 2015 has been a very good year for me.

I started the year unemployed, one reason for my long absence here. The main reason though is "i suck at staying in contact sonetimes".

From mid year in 2014 I had been volunteering at the State Library of Queensland after trying (and failing) to get a job there in the conservation lab at the end of 2013. Yeah, 2013 and 2014 were rough.

In Feb this year i got a job at a company that makes perscription lenses for glasses. This was thanks to a recommendation from a friend, and with the plan I would move into the lens coating lab (and use my qualifications a bit).  In the end though the renovations took too long and by the time the lab was ready i wasn't, as I had gotten a job back at the State Library of Queensland.

Now the job i had gone for had been technical in the lab, but when i was being interviewed i was asked "have you considered front of house work". And i sat there stunned for a momeng before answering that no, in my whole life I hadn't considered that (due to my 'overly focused on academics' upbringing). So i gave it a shot, and it turns out im really good at it.

So after about six months at the lens place (and away from my volunteer duties) I started back at the library doing front of house (visitor interraction) work. Which i enjoy, by the way.

Since getting the last job in Feb I've had an income stream and have been steadily improving my finances and situation all year. Not to mention the mental health and stress-reduction benefits.

In other news i am off Facebook yet again (human and furry accounts) and that's likely for good.

I'm on Linkedin, Twitter, Telegram and Skype though, you can email me at Ristin@gmail.com for details.

Marko and I are still together, my health is good...not sure what else to tell.

So yeah "im not dead" and sorry for being silent on LJ for so long.


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