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For a few years now Australia has been having a royal inquest into organizational responses to child sexual exploitation in Australia.  One of the institutions being investigated is the Roman Catholic Church.

I wasn't sure how far up the chain the catholic church's pedophilia problem extended until Cardinal George Pell (Australia's top Catholic) fled Australia to the Vatican the day the royal inquest was announced.  And then immediately was "too sick to travel" since then.

The inquest revealed that Cardinal George Pell had been involved with protecting and enabling pedophile clergy, helping to silence their accusers and moving them to new parishes to escape the law...and as it turned out also to give them access to new child victims.  No "allegedly" there, the inquest revealed he was complicit in these matters.

But it seems Cardinal George Pell was not just helping and enabling other pedophile clergy as a pedophilia accomplice, but allegedly sexually abused children himself. 


These accusations have been on the books for years (long before the inquest began), with the Australian government reluctant to press charges against a high ranking religious official.  Despite the cardinal's claims he wants to testify, I absolutely doubt that George Pell will suddenly be well enough to travel to Australia for court proceedings after all these years claiming to be too ill to travel.  Not with the way he fled after the inquest was announced and hasn't returned to Australia to testify for that.

But, for once, I am pleased with the Australian Government.  The victims of these crimes have been facing the full economic and political might of the church for decades, and until recently a lackluster and noncommittal government response as well.  Even if Cardinal George Pell continues his self imposed asylum in the Vatican, it is a refreshing change to see the Australian Government take a stand.
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"Could god make a pizza so good that people stopped fighting about whether or not pineapple belongs on pizza"?

I am not usually a god-fondler type, but that thought occurred to me early before dawn (and coffee) this morning.  Personally I am fine either way, pizza with pineapple is fine, without is fine, I don't want it legislated either way.  My favourite pizza types (caprichiosa and pepperoni) do not have pineapple, in case anyone is really fussed.

Also, on the topic of odd things on pizza, why does only pineapple get the hate?  "Back in the 80s" there was a very limited number of pizza toppings and all of them were traditional except pineapple.  You younguns might not remember it but even seafood pizzas were not-a-thing back then.  Now you have things like the "Aussie" pizza with egg on it, non-traditional vegetables like artichokes and what-not, stuffed-crusts...hell even "desert pizzas" now.  Why is pineapple on pizzas a issue of contention but lemon-lime, oranges and raspberries are not?
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And I am back again.  The weekend before last my long-struggling PC up and died on me.  I have had no end of trouble with the thing, and have replaced it with the old Mac computer that it replaced in early 2015.  I got effectively two and a half years of trouble-full service from the thing.

I went back to PC for cost reasons, a reputation (false it turns out) for being better for games, and the ability to customize...but that was effectively the problem.  Unreliable but cheaper parts that don't always play well together.

So I am going back to Mac for the reliability.  It might cost more but the reduced stress and increased operating life make it the cheaper option for me on a time average.  I have ordered a high-end Mac laptop which will be my main computer for the next decade or so.

In other news I table-flipped at a real estate agent yesterday.  They had left some generic "someone is interested in this suburb, do you want to sell" flyers recently and yesterday I found a specific "some dude wants to buy your house" flyer with a hand written note on it...left at the upstairs door.  This was unacceptable because apart from being IRL spamming, they had to have passed the mailbox, entered a gate, come through the garden, come upstairs (indicating they know upstairs is the main door) and left the note at the doorstep.  So I called and complained and the person on the line seemed cooperative. 

Eye Test

May. 19th, 2017 11:39 am
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I passed my eye test!

More specifically, for the first year in a few years my eyesight has not deteriorated and my current glasses prescription is still current.  I am going to get a set of glasses with transitions lenses for outdoor wear and keep my rimless glasses as my good set.  Also it feels weird going to the optometrist, taking the free eye test and not purchasing something...

That is most of my active news. 

Though I am starting preparation for a second Battletech / Mechwarrior2 campaign:

This puts the Furry Rogue Trader game "Grim Porpoise" on the back burner, however:

FurDU 2017

May. 14th, 2017 06:12 am
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I am the Treasurer for an incorporated association that runs the Furry Down Under (FurDU) convention.  I have been since late 2015 (after FurDU 2015 was run).  The convention ran last weekend which is why I have not been online much.

Anyhow, that's me on the staff page:

FurDU 2017 went really well I thought.  Since FurDU 2016 we worked on problem areas, such as the con book.  We were also able to rent out both event floors of the hotel which gave us a lot more space for the dealer's den and running events.

One surprise was the turn-out of fursuits.  We are still nailing down numbers but it looks like we had around 50% of the convention attendees in suit for the Fursuit Photoshoot. 

As ever I feel I did not take enough pictures.  And as I am still getting used to DreamWidth I am not really sure how to post them here yet. 

FurDU 2017

May. 3rd, 2017 05:40 am
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I am rapidly approaching the FurDU weekend.  My plan for the furry convention is to try to chill, and to try and meet up with as many furry friends as I can. 

Also I am Treasurer of the convention, but usually my role is limited to looking after the shinies.  There might be some errands to run because I am helpful and available though.
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Today Marko and I are cooking Beef (and Mushrooms) in Wine. From Everyday Slow Cooking (ISBN 978-1-7418-5403-9).

This one is very easy because you don't brown the meat (i'll give my verdict on that later).  I plan to acquire some garlic bread to go with this tonight.

Boneless beef, cut into 5 cm ( 2 inch) cubes. 2 lbs / 1 kg
How water. 1/2 cup
Beef stock (bouillon powder). 2 tsp
Condensed cream of mushroom soup. 10 oz / 284 g
Canned mushrooms (drained). Nope, use non-canned mushrooms!  10 oz / 284 g
Onion soup mix. 1 1/2 oz / 42 g
Red wine. 1/2 cup

1. Place beef in 6 l / 6 quart slow cooker
2. In a medium bowl mix the water and stock
3. Add the soup, soup mix and wine to the mixing bowl and stir
4. Add the mushrooms to the mixing bowl and stir
5. Pour the mushroom mixture over the beef (do not stir)
6. Cover and cook for 7 to 9 hours on Low or 3.5 to 4.5 hours on High. 

Pictures of the finished product to come if I a) remember to take some and b) work out how to post them on DreamWidth.

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Okay, so for the last 5 or so Prime Ministers here in Australia politics has been dominated by reality-TV style gossip about when (not if) someone would usurp party leadership and become Prime Minister by 'knifing' the current party leader and Prime Minister. Prime Minister is not a seperate position (like POTUS is) but just whoever is leader of the party that controls our lower house of parliament (and thus their party 'forms government' and the other major party is 'the opposition').

We had Kevin Rudd win the election (and become Prime Minister) for the Australian Labor Party...and then get knifed by Julia Gillard.
Then the whole time Julia Gillard was Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd was leaking party info and 'white anting' (referring to termites, and meaning undermining from within) Julia Gillard. So much so she got zero media traction, looked weak, and eventually she got knifed by Kevin Rudd in the lead up to the next election...
The election which Kevin Rudd lost and then took his ball and went home (out of politics). The ALP lost this election with all the leadership instability, though in reality that was media driven.

Then Tony Abbott had won the election for the 'Coalition' (conservatives) and as his popularity plummeted because, as noted above, he 'won' because he was the only alternative to the ALP and they were on the nose due to leadership instability.
And once Tony's poll numbers dropped he was knifed by Malcolm Turnbull. Ironic since their only real policy at the election was they would provide stable government.
So naturally Tony Abbott ("Not even one term Tony") is now busy white anting Malcolm Turnbull and fairly openly preparing for a counter-knifing.

Do you notice what all of this has to do with policy? That's right, nothing.

The conservative coalition have a big advantage at the moment that the opposition's (ALP) leader Shorton is failing utterly to capitalize in any way on the government's instability, even though the current government has been repeating the ALP's mistakes but at a faster rate. So they will probably get another election win off of "whoever they pick will be better than Shorton" factor alone.
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Marko and I got up early to prepare a slow cooker meal. Ginger Beef Stew.

It's one we have not done before but so far it looks good.

I highly recommend slow cooker cooking by the way (and it also helps this entry not be merely a deluxe tweet) because:

1) It is a very forgiving cooking style. It is really hard to mess it up, for instance by overcooking. And the recipes can be easily modified, like making ingredient substitutions, without detracting from the end result.

2) You do the bulk of the work at the start of the day, before a long day at work. It is easy to prepare enough for everyone in the household (and a desired amount of leftovers) so everyone can drag themselves home after work and enjoy a home cooked meal without having to do much after work to make it happen.

3) Psychologically it really, really helps to know you have dinner cooking during a long and hard work day. Especially Mondays.

If anyone is interested in recipe recommendations, please let me know.
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I have found a lot of retro cartoons on Netflix lately. Sometimes it's nice to try to dissolve away a few layers of jaded adult cynicism with the happy nostalgia from my youth.

It looks like a service such as Netflix can afford to throw some nostalgia-bait like that into the mix and it adds to their range and variety?

Marko and I have found some other great stuff on Netflix recently, sci-fi series (like The Expanse and Killjoys) as well as Mystery Science Theater 3000 The Return which really helped us get through the recent mysterious crisis here.

In other news, some metal Infinity miniatures I was working on were blown off the table where I had spray undercoated them (badly). Almost but not quite all of the glue joints failed but I was able to retrieve all the pieces and there seems to be no damage. At some point I will have to re-glue (and probably re-spray) but it has been a bit disheartening.

With my new part time hours I have Sunday, Monday and Friday free, so I really should get on with the gluing tomorrow and the next day. Then I need to find a place where I can spray the miniatures outside with less wind, and work out how the heck metal miniatures were blown off of a table on a calm day...
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I can't really go into details of this publicly either, but the unspecified crisis I mentioned in my last post has very unexpectedly cleared up. At least for now.

Message me for details.
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I have been dealing with an unspecified crisis since Thursday last week (13/04/2017). When I can I will provide the details. It is why I have been distracted lately and will be for a while.
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It has been a bit of a trip down memory lane this morning, looking up the "Furry" interest here on DreamWidth and finding lots of familiar faces from old LiveJournal.
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The Importer is done salvaging the content of my old LiveJournal account and now it is being deleted.

Does anyone know how to set up cross-posting between DreamWidth and Twitter?
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I was with LiveJournal for a long time. It took a while for the DreamWidth Importer to retrieve all my old posts and it is working on the comments.

As soon as that is completed I can safely delete the old LiveJournal account.


Apr. 10th, 2017 06:32 am
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I am impressed with DreamWidth's Importer feature. The notification that it takes time was useful.

As soon as the Importer is done I will be taking down my old LiveJournal account.


Apr. 9th, 2017 07:30 pm
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Greetings DreamWidth. I am here moments after learning DreamWidth existed which happened because LiveJournal decided to implode in a crushing singularity of authoritarian prudish suckiness.

Hi, how are you all?
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Hi. Quick update to say "I'm not dead".

How are all of you?

One good spot to find me is the site "Obsidian Portal" which is a roleplaying game hosting site.

Twitter is also a good way to get in contact with me.

With luck I will have some good news in a week or so and will remember to post it here.

Checking In

Apr. 9th, 2016 05:09 pm
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I continue to not be dead.
Work is great, though some days are weird.
I've bought a new iPad for my portable computing needs.
I did have minor surgery in March but am fine now.
Eeyup, it's not a bad time for me.
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Im working at the state library here in Queensland.  It's great.

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