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And I am back again.  The weekend before last my long-struggling PC up and died on me.  I have had no end of trouble with the thing, and have replaced it with the old Mac computer that it replaced in early 2015.  I got effectively two and a half years of trouble-full service from the thing.

I went back to PC for cost reasons, a reputation (false it turns out) for being better for games, and the ability to customize...but that was effectively the problem.  Unreliable but cheaper parts that don't always play well together.

So I am going back to Mac for the reliability.  It might cost more but the reduced stress and increased operating life make it the cheaper option for me on a time average.  I have ordered a high-end Mac laptop which will be my main computer for the next decade or so.

In other news I table-flipped at a real estate agent yesterday.  They had left some generic "someone is interested in this suburb, do you want to sell" flyers recently and yesterday I found a specific "some dude wants to buy your house" flyer with a hand written note on it...left at the upstairs door.  This was unacceptable because apart from being IRL spamming, they had to have passed the mailbox, entered a gate, come through the garden, come upstairs (indicating they know upstairs is the main door) and left the note at the doorstep.  So I called and complained and the person on the line seemed cooperative. 

Date: 2017-06-07 10:58 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] loganberrybunny
I've always wondered how I'd get on with a Mac. Given that I've used Linux as my main OS for a decade, there'd be no "Windows withdrawal symptoms". It's not going to happen as the initial cost is the biggest barrier for me, but I suspect I'd be okay with it. Mind you, I've been lucky with my PC. One lot of bad RAM and a wonky USB port is all the trouble I've had with it in almost a decade. If I'd had more unreliability, I'm sure I'd have been much more annoyed!

Date: 2017-06-08 04:15 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] kjorteo
I had Windows 7 on both my PC and laptop, and tried upgrading each to 10 when the upgrade first came out and was free and everything. Everything went smoothly on my PC, but my laptop violently rejected it, to the point that I eventually had to wipe everything and reinstall Win7 (and disable the update prompt) just so the poor thing would start. And even then it never quite worked the same. It has had problems actually downloading Windows updates and not just hanging at 0% ever since, even on that fresh install.

Because Windows 7 is on its way out and 10 is... erm, controversial (and guaranteed from prior experience not to work on my laptop anyway,) and because I'm poor and open source freeware sounds good right about now, God help me I bit the bullet and am currently trying Linux on the laptop. As a sort of test run. A mine canary, if you will. If I actually like it and if Win10 gets too obnoxious than I may switch for real, and if I don't I mean it was my not-quite-working-right laptop anyway so not the biggest loss.

Somehow it never occurred to me throughout any of this that Macs were an option, like I literally just forgot. Of course, even if I'd remembered, I'd probably have done it this way anyway because installing freeware on systems I already have versus spending money on acquiring anything new and all.

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