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For a few years now Australia has been having a royal inquest into organizational responses to child sexual exploitation in Australia.  One of the institutions being investigated is the Roman Catholic Church.

I wasn't sure how far up the chain the catholic church's pedophilia problem extended until Cardinal George Pell (Australia's top Catholic) fled Australia to the Vatican the day the royal inquest was announced.  And then immediately was "too sick to travel" since then.

The inquest revealed that Cardinal George Pell had been involved with protecting and enabling pedophile clergy, helping to silence their accusers and moving them to new parishes to escape the law...and as it turned out also to give them access to new child victims.  No "allegedly" there, the inquest revealed he was complicit in these matters.

But it seems Cardinal George Pell was not just helping and enabling other pedophile clergy as a pedophilia accomplice, but allegedly sexually abused children himself. 


These accusations have been on the books for years (long before the inquest began), with the Australian government reluctant to press charges against a high ranking religious official.  Despite the cardinal's claims he wants to testify, I absolutely doubt that George Pell will suddenly be well enough to travel to Australia for court proceedings after all these years claiming to be too ill to travel.  Not with the way he fled after the inquest was announced and hasn't returned to Australia to testify for that.

But, for once, I am pleased with the Australian Government.  The victims of these crimes have been facing the full economic and political might of the church for decades, and until recently a lackluster and noncommittal government response as well.  Even if Cardinal George Pell continues his self imposed asylum in the Vatican, it is a refreshing change to see the Australian Government take a stand.
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