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Okay, so for the last 5 or so Prime Ministers here in Australia politics has been dominated by reality-TV style gossip about when (not if) someone would usurp party leadership and become Prime Minister by 'knifing' the current party leader and Prime Minister. Prime Minister is not a seperate position (like POTUS is) but just whoever is leader of the party that controls our lower house of parliament (and thus their party 'forms government' and the other major party is 'the opposition').

We had Kevin Rudd win the election (and become Prime Minister) for the Australian Labor Party...and then get knifed by Julia Gillard.
Then the whole time Julia Gillard was Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd was leaking party info and 'white anting' (referring to termites, and meaning undermining from within) Julia Gillard. So much so she got zero media traction, looked weak, and eventually she got knifed by Kevin Rudd in the lead up to the next election...
The election which Kevin Rudd lost and then took his ball and went home (out of politics). The ALP lost this election with all the leadership instability, though in reality that was media driven.

Then Tony Abbott had won the election for the 'Coalition' (conservatives) and as his popularity plummeted because, as noted above, he 'won' because he was the only alternative to the ALP and they were on the nose due to leadership instability.
And once Tony's poll numbers dropped he was knifed by Malcolm Turnbull. Ironic since their only real policy at the election was they would provide stable government.
So naturally Tony Abbott ("Not even one term Tony") is now busy white anting Malcolm Turnbull and fairly openly preparing for a counter-knifing.

Do you notice what all of this has to do with policy? That's right, nothing.

The conservative coalition have a big advantage at the moment that the opposition's (ALP) leader Shorton is failing utterly to capitalize in any way on the government's instability, even though the current government has been repeating the ALP's mistakes but at a faster rate. So they will probably get another election win off of "whoever they pick will be better than Shorton" factor alone.

Date: 2017-04-26 12:13 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] loganberrybunny
I had no idea (until now) that "on the nose" didn't have its British or American meanings in Australia! And I had to look up "white anting", too. But still, it's always interesting to read about another country's politics -- especially if it's rather dysfunctional, I have to admit.

Date: 2017-05-07 03:56 am (UTC)
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Hey, we can commiserate it seems. Both our nations' lawmakers are feckless corrupt imbeciles who are elected by a self-defeating and retarded population. I can't control any of this and I seem relatively safe from the great firestorms and circuses going on right now, so I'm just laughing at Trump's total incompetence and the disappointment of his Republican and religious brethren.

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