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I have found a lot of retro cartoons on Netflix lately. Sometimes it's nice to try to dissolve away a few layers of jaded adult cynicism with the happy nostalgia from my youth.

It looks like a service such as Netflix can afford to throw some nostalgia-bait like that into the mix and it adds to their range and variety?

Marko and I have found some other great stuff on Netflix recently, sci-fi series (like The Expanse and Killjoys) as well as Mystery Science Theater 3000 The Return which really helped us get through the recent mysterious crisis here.

In other news, some metal Infinity miniatures I was working on were blown off the table where I had spray undercoated them (badly). Almost but not quite all of the glue joints failed but I was able to retrieve all the pieces and there seems to be no damage. At some point I will have to re-glue (and probably re-spray) but it has been a bit disheartening.

With my new part time hours I have Sunday, Monday and Friday free, so I really should get on with the gluing tomorrow and the next day. Then I need to find a place where I can spray the miniatures outside with less wind, and work out how the heck metal miniatures were blown off of a table on a calm day...
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